Ricky Ajay Singh
Founder I Creator I Mentor


At 12 years old, helping his good friend selling his product door to door. This is where the story of Ricky Ajay Singh began. After a rocky start, Ricky excelled. All of it done entirely on a voluntary basis and as a token of his appreciation for their friendship.

After obtaining his doctorate degree at 22 years old, Ricky felt the world lay at his feet. He soon learned that he could not be any further from the truth. After many rejections, he landed a position within the world of IT. What followed after that: project manager, business consultant, sales manager, but more importantly: great sorrow. Eventually, the line was drawn and Ricky decided he would no longer be under someone else's employment. He would pursue his best life with his own hands. He became an entrepreneur. Being the only university educated member of the family as well as being the only musician, Ricky often found himself misunderstood or not understood at all by his kin. "Why don't you simply get a job?" "You're making things so difficult for yourself!"

His decision turned out to be one of the best he ever made, eventually resulting in  thriving companies including an educative platform (Diversrijk.online), an employment agency (Singh Capacity Solutions), mentorship services and an innovative music company (Thesuitedtablist). His ventures also earned him several prizes and nominations such as the Top 10 Best Indian Business Leader of Europe and actor roles in numerous films.

All of this however did not come easy. Ricky Ajay did not know where to start. He initially pursued thirteen well-developed ideas. These did not work out however, since he was shouldering all of this by himself, an impossible feat. There was no support he could rely on. Back at home he was continuously urged to go back to finding a job at an employer. Facing this, Ricky Ajay cracked under the pressure and four years of suicidal depression followed. No trace was left of the previously extroverted, charming, convincing and eloquent Ricky Ajay. Everything seemed to end up in failure: rejected job applications, arguments at home, and extremely low self-esteem.

Along the path to recovery, Ricky discovered what he has been missing: a mentor. Someone to be by his side and provide proper guidance at every step. Ricky Ajay decided to be the person that he always missed in his own life. Now, Ricky Ajay successfully coaches both starting as well as experienced entrepreneurs in growing and expanding their (dream) business.